Unisex S-Lab Sense Hydro Set

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The Hydro Sense glove is Salomon's lightest weight solution for carrying water during races without water bouncing or sloshing.
This unique system designed around the hand with soft vented fabrics perfectly fits your soft flask, bouncing free without effort whatever the volume from 150 to 500ml. Sold by pair, with 1*250ml flask.

• Extra light flask carrier: Elastic band with silicone coating inside to secure flask.
• Sensifit (hand): Innovative construction using self adjustable fabrics, it conforms to the body for fit and stability, creating a bounce-free equipment while keeping comfortable breathing. Patent pending.
• Reflective: Increased visibility then security.
• PVC free
• Fast wicking fabrics: Improving quick drying and moisture management, these light fabrics deliver the best performance comfort and avoid odor.
• Very stretch and breathable fabrics that adapts to body
• 3D mesh: Very soft three-dimensional mesh adapts perfectly to the body even in motion without abrasion on skin and teeshirt. With large hole, it is very breathable and comfortable. Ideal for lightweight trailrunning fitted packs.
• Terry: The best solution to dry perspiration.
• Weight: 30 g/1 oz.