Men's Departure Long Sleeve Shirt Plaid

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The 100% woven merino Departure Long Sleeve Shirt gives you a few less travel decisions to make. When you're packing, you know you want it because it fits great and feels great in any weather from cool mornings to jungle humidity. When you wake up in the morning, you don't have to decide what to wear for the day's activity, because the wool regulates your temperature and the casual style of the Departure is ready for the beach, the mountain or the open air market. And when a supermodel just happens to stroll up and sit beside you, you don't have to decide whether you look good or smell ok, because merino resists odor like nothing else. So relax, you've chosen wisely.

Features :
• Pure merino woven breathes exceptionally well, with a refined look that holds its color over time.

Benefits :
• Breathable, versatile, woven

Fabric :
• 100% Merino Woven