Shipping is free within Canada on all orders over $49

Returning your products has never been so easy.
Here is how in 3 easy steps:


Step 1

In your order, you will find an unused shipping label and shipping bag.


Step 2

Place the product(s) you do not wish to keep in the bag, close the bag.


Step 3

Stick the shipping label on the package. Return your package to a drop off location of the carrier used to deliver your order

We will deduct $7 from your reimbursement to cover the cost of shipping fees related to the return. Please note, this fee does not apply to members.

Please note this promotion only appplies to orders placed in Canada.

Return Guidelines

60 day return policy

We do our best to ensure you are completely satisfied with all orders placed with If for one reason or another you are not satisfied, we will refund the product(s) within 60 days of you receiving the order.

Product must be in perfect condition

Our promise at is to sell quality products that are new and in perfect condition. For us to accept a return we must be able to ensure the above is guaranteed before we can resell a product. Just as a customer in our physical stores is allowed to try on a jacket and must put it back on the hanger in the same condition, your returned order must be sent back in perfect condition. A product in perfect condition will have all its labels and tags attached to it, as well as the hanger or the packaging it came in (if applicable).

For example: If the walking poles you ordered came with a cardboard packaging explaining its features, you will need to return that packaging. If your hiking boots came in a box, you must return both the boots and box in perfect condition. We encourage you to reuse the box we used to ship the order.

A product in perfect condition will be clean, have no unusual odors (ie: cigarette smoke) and not have domestic animal fur on it.

It is at our discretion to decide if a product is in an acceptable condition. If you are not sure of the condition of the product you wish to return, please contact us before proceeding with the return.

If you do not acquire a return number before returning your product, it is possible that the package be refused, and that the product be returned to you at your own cost. If you return a product that is not in perfect condition, we reserve the right to charge fees for cleaning or replacement costs up to $50, deducted from your refund. We will take the decision that is most fair.

No exchanges, only reimbursements

Products are not exchanged at but returned for a refund. You are then invited to pass a new order for the product which will best suit your needs.

Our experience has shown us that it was more advantageous for everyone if we did not do exchanges. It is simpler to return the product you do not like and receive a reimbursement. Also, you may order the right product in the mean time, ensuring it does not disappear from our stock while the process is occurring. This reorder will be treated as a separate order entirely.

For example: if you wish to return a jacket in size Small because you think the Medium will fit better, you should do two things. First, return the Small jacket. You will be refunded when that process is complete. Second, order the Medium jacket. That jacket will be delivered with the usual shipping delay.

Tip: If you are hesitating between sizes, colors, or models, we suggest ordering several choices and simply returning those you do not like for a refund. This will limit the amount of transactions, save time and potentially money. This will also ensure you have get the article you want and not someone else (think sale time when things disappear quickly). Due to the fact we stock so many brands and models here at, certain products may be available in limited quantities and/or colors, so you can stay one step ahead like this.

The customer is responsible for the return

Unless we have made a mistake in shipping or you purchased your order during a special promotion, you are responsible for the fees incurred for returning a product. Whether you decide to drive to one of our stores, or use a courier service, the fees remain your own for returning a product.

Errors do happen and so if ever we accidentally ship the wrong product or an order is damaged in delivery, please contact our customer service. One of our staff will remedy the situation quickly.

Return in-store or via the mail

You may return to us the product you do not wish to keep, without any fees, by bringing them to one of our locations. You may also ship them back to our warehouse. Please note that due to security and logistical reasons, our warehouse is not open to the public. We only accept returns by courier, such as Canada Post and UPS; any other means will be refused.

Return apress:
Department of returns
333 Chabanel St. West, suite 705
Montreal (Quebec)  H2N 2E7

Return delays

The return process can take up to 5 business days following our reception of the product. Returns are treated from Monday to Friday. We need to first receive the product, verify the contents are in perfect condition, and then we may begin to process the return. During peak periods or promotions, most notable the 15th of December to the 15th of February, the return process may take up to 8 business days, 3 more than usual. This is due to the high number of returns during this period.

Non-returnable products

We accept the return almost all of the products we sell, including those on sale. However, due to the nature of certain products, and our inability to ensure they are completely new, safe and hygienic for the next customer, certain products are non-refundable. Therefore, carabiners, climbing harnesses, underwear, socks, and swimsuits cannot be returned.

Returning sale items

If a product has been purchased on sale there is no problem returning it. If you wish to purchase the same product (same color and same year of construction) in a different size, but the product is no longer on sale, we will happily match the initial price of purchase. We suggest you contact our customer service before placing the second order.

Returning products purchased during a promotion

Differing rules of reimbursement apply to different promotions. We do our best to be fair and open about our policies. To prevent any surprise we suggest you read our FAQ section for further details.

Returning products purchased with gift cards

If you wish to return a product purchased with a gift card, a credit will be issued to your account. The amount of the credit issued will be equal to that used from the gift card. This credit will be applicable to your next purchase, and does not have an expiry date. You have the option to use the credit on your shopping cart in the section asking for payment method. Credits are not redeemable for cash.

International returns

For all international orders (including the USA), be aware that you are responsible for all return mailing fees, customs charges, taxes and all other fees associated with the return. We urge you to contact your chosen shipping courier to minimize these fees. If you are shipping the return from the United States we suggest the United States Postal Service (USPS), because their fees are usually the lowest.

We suggest you ship your return package pre-paid and insured with a regular service. To save time and potentially money we suggest writing “Return of Canadian merchandise” on the box.

If we receive a return package with customs charges, taxes or other fees, we will deduct these from the reimbursement.

Return apress:
Department of returns
333 Chabanel St. West, suite 705
Montreal (Quebec)  H2N 2E7