What's with the bear ?!

So you were casually browsing the web (maybe even at work) hoping to find some blow-out deals on outdoor products.  We’ve all been there, trust us.  Well you just struck gold, my friend; you have found the ultimate hunting ground in Canada.  We here at The Last Hunt have been scrounging up prey from all across our barren plains simply to satisfy your thirst for fresh meat (and by meat we mean outdoor products of course).  We are certain that you will find the prey of your dreams hiding amongst the tall grass of this website.


But hunting has never been easy, so don’t treat it like a walk in the park.  Competition is fierce in today’s jungle, and it will send you packing if you don’t bring your A-game.  You must use your instincts, be resourceful, and maybe even take a risk here or there.  Have you got what it takes to venture onto these grounds? 

Our promise: to deliver outdoor goods at extremely low prices. Other sites will promise the world, we only promise a low price.  Ready to strap on those boots? You better be, because no one is here to help you!  You are all alone.  You will have to test your own strengths in this jungle and buy without our assistance.  But never forget, out of darkness comes light.


Your duty: choose your prey wisely, because once it is captured, you won't be able to return it. You're on your own to spot your prey, so trust your skill and instincts. Don’t bother calling out for help, because no one is there to help.  You won't even be able to contact us to get advice. It's merciless but that's the way hunting goes. Mother Nature gave you the instincts of a predator.  Let that visceral thought fill your veins as you face this challenge like a God among insects. Isn't the prize worth it after all? 

Gotten this far and still upset about our logo?  Never forget that these pages are nothing but a virtual reality.  We did not kill a beautiful polar bear.  We drew it, just like we drew the sewn eyes shut.  Know that there are three reasons behind this site:


First, the products you will find here are endangered species. They are not coming back next year so if you want to end their life in an honourable way, this is the last chance you have to get your claws on them. 

Second, we wanted to awaken your primal instincts so you would have the necessary state of mind to browse these pages and confront what we are laying at your feet.


Third, and most important, we wanted to remind you that life is a lot easier online than in real life.  Certainly a picture can be shocking, but in reality it is just an image.  It is not an act.  What we want is for you to take those feelings of anger and transfer them to your everyday life.  Instead of filling our inbox full of complaints about the logo, use these feelings of distaste to change something in your daily life: donate a portion of the savings you have made to a charity, go pick up pieces of trash in your local park, recycle your empty soda can instead of throwing it in the garbage.  Anything that helps the world around us!  It is the real polar bears who need protecting, and not the virtual ones found here.   

Good hunting and be ready because it might be your last hunt! 

The Last Hunt's club