Keen Shoes, Boots & Sandals on Sale

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Keen Sandals, Shoes and Boots on Sale

Defined by a variety of reliable footwear, Keen Sandals, Shoes, and Boots are great products. If you’re keen, check out these rockstar sales and clearances.

About Keen Sandals Canada and other footwear

Keen has been around since 2003 and was founded in Portland, Oregon. They make quality footwear for outdoor use and are offered in many stores across Canada. Keen is known for its sturdy hikers and rugged sandals, which can be used as camp shoes, for river crossings, and even for casual occasions. What makes these Keen’s different, of course, is the massive savings you’ll get from shopping with The Last Hunt.
The items on sale span the spectrum from full hikers to casual shoes and sandals. We have men’s items, women’s items and... plenty of footwear for the little feet of future adventurers. Outfit yourself or your family for the best prices around and get the satisfaction of a great selection while staying thrifty.

Keen Canada Sale and Clearance Footwear

So, you want the best Keen products for the lowest prices? The Last Hunt has you covered. We have Keen Sandals Clearance on hugely popular products like the Newport H2, Terradora II Open Toe Sandals, SOLR Sandals, Whisper Sandals and more. Each sandal comes with sturdy straps and a thick, grippy sole, perfect for the uneven terrain you may encounter at camp.
If you’re looking for something a little burlier, The Last Hunt also has Keen boots and shoes on sale. Choose from fantastic deals on fantastic models like the Terradora II mid hikers and the Pyrenees Women’s Waterproof hikers. These boots and hikers have thick, grippy soles and extra ankle support and can charge through wet environments without leaving your feet miserable.
Not to be outdone, Keen casual shoes are also a bright spot. Choose from urban cold-weather offerings like Eastin Boots and Oregon City Boots. Looking for unique sneakers? Try out the Uneek SNK’s, the Targhee waterproof shoes, or the highland sneakers. Amazingly, this only scratches the surface; there are over a hundred styles to peruse, from Keen Sandals Canada to boots, shoes and sneakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Keen a Canadian Company?

Keen was founded and established in Portland, Oregon, making them an American company. With only 390 kilometers separating the headquarters from the Canadian border, distribution is wide.

Are Keen Sandals Canada good for feet?

Yes, Keen sandals and shoes are a great choice for feet. The durable build, cushioned footbed, and comfortable fit all work together to create a good product. Keen’s absorb impacts from repeat use when hiking, and the close-toed shoes and boots protect your feet from the sun.

Are Keen shoes worth the money?

If you have feet that splay out a little more, Keen’s are a great buy at their regular price. They may not be the best fit for narrower foot profiles but accommodate mid to wider feet well. Coupled with the steep discounts, sales and clearances, The The Last Hunt gives you Keen quality at a fraction of the price. If you shop with us, Keen sandals and shoes are worth the money.

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