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Combining running mechanics with shoes that feel great, Altra strives to create footwear to match your natural stride. Shop Altra at The Last Hunt today!

Altra Shoes Canada

Born out of diligent observation and experimentation, Altra is here to help redefine our understanding of running shoes and what they can do for us. With footwear offerings that employ “zero-drop” technology, meaning there is no height difference between the footpad and heel, Altra running shoes allow for a more natural stride, balanced cushioning and increased running efficiency. From 2009, when the first Altra shoes were released, to today, Altra has constantly and consistently grown its user base. They are very popular amongst recreational and professional runners.
From trail running to road running, The Last Hunt has some of the best deals and sales on Altra shoes that you’ll find anywhere. We carry popular shoe lines at ...steeply discounted prices. Between the Altra River Road, Altra Lone Peak, Altra Escalante 2.5, and Altra Provision 5, The last Hunt offers the best that Altra has produced. If you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes, check out our Altra sale selection today!

Altra Canada at The Last Hunt

Why shop at the Last Hunt? While other companies offer premium products at premium prices, The Last Hunt takes care to pass savings directly on to you! Not only do we have the best sales, discounted prices and clearance items, but we also carry some of the most popular brands, like Altra. Stop spending hundreds more on something you can get at The Last Hunt.
Our goal is to get you fitted and keep you happy. The Last Hunt makes shopping easy and rewards the bargain hunter in all of us. Thankfully, with us, there’s a simple way to get the products you want without decimating your wallet. Check-in periodically to see new products, sales and discounts; we’re always hunting for the best way to save you money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Altra shoes good for?

Altra shoes have many benefits and are great for road running, trail running and exercising. They embody how a foot naturally moves without constricting areas that other running shoes do. One of their main benefits is natural arch support and wide toe boxes. The wide toe boxes allow toes to splay naturally, providing comfort without restricting how your foot sits inside a shoe.

Are Altra Shoes good for arch support?

Most Altra shoes have flat soles and neutral arches, which allows feet to move naturally while still being supported. Arch support varies with each shoe line, but the Provision line specifically targets arch support. If you are suffering from a specific foot ailment, always consult a doctor before purchasing a shoe that may aggravate existing foot pain.

Who owns Altra shoes?

Altra was founded and currently has a headquarters in Utah, specifically Logan, Utah. The company has been sold at least twice since its founding. The first sale was to Icon Health and Fitness in 2011. In 2018, VF corporation bought Altra. VF Corporation also owns popular outdoor brands like North Face, Smartwool, Jansport and Timberland.

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