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In an age of weather extremes, don’t venture out unprepared. Shop the best deals and discounts on women's winter jackets Canada at the Last Hunt.

From Casual Jackets to Winter Coats, Variety at your Fingertips

Women’s winter jackets and coats are not only stylish accessories, but they can also give you extra warmth and comfort during the coldest months of the year. Whether it's a vest for your core, a traditional padded shell, or a down jacket, there are quite a few varieties of winter jackets to choose from. Buoyed by the rampant success of the outdoor recreational industry, modern winter jackets have gotten much more effective at retaining body heat and keeping out the cold.
The Last Hunt carries a comprehensive selection of winter jackets from some of your favourite brands. We have winter jackets from Arc’Teryx, Black diamond, BLACKYAK, Bogner, Canada Goose, Columbia, Cotopaxi, Dynafti, Geox, Helly Hansen, Lole, Mammut, Marmot..., Outdoor Research and a ton more. From vibrant yellow to deep purple, we carry the colours and styles you love. Check out our winter jackets and winter coat selection to see what speaks to you!

Find the Best Winter Jackets on Sale at the Last Hunt

The Last Hunt makes shopping different. Gone are the days of brick and mortar monopoly; we have the winter jackets, winter coats and insulated jackets you want, listed conveniently online. To add to our vast array of products, we slap amazing deals, sales and discounts on them to guarantee you low prices. The Last Hunt is the perfect middle ground between high fashion and bargain hunting.
We strive to make the shopping experience as quick and as easy as possible. You’ll be turning heads twice after you pick one of our premium insulated winter jackets. Once, for how great you’re going to look, and twice when they find out how little you spent. Keep up with the latest trends, styles and comfort first winter jackets to stay one step ahead of winter's chill.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a winter coat and a winter jacket?

The difference between winter jackets and winter coats is more informal as many coats have qualities of jackets and vice versa. The commonly understood separation has to do with length and weight. Winter jackets usually run shorter, to about hip length, and weigh less. A coat has an understood assumption of being thicker, heavier and longer, often down near the knees. Both jackets and coats provide extra protection for cold days, and you can find sales for both at The Last Hunt.

What are down jackets?

A down jacket is an insulated winter jacket that has been stuffed with the soft and warm under feathers of a duck or goose. The under feathers are great because they keep both ducks and geese warm in cold temperatures, and often, nature does it best. Using the feathers has crafted a raft of down jacket products that keep you warmer for longer.

What is the purpose of a winter vest?

Because of their lack of arms, many people don't think vests play an important role in warmth management. However, they are often more versatile than some traditional winter jackets. Vests can be used for temperatures that are cool but don’t necessarily require thicker winter jackets. Vests also grant freedom of movement for your arms while keeping your core (where all your vital organs are) nice and warm. Vests can serve as the outermost layer over a mid-layer or act as a mid-layer themselves.

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